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longines malta

In 1878, Longines developed its first chronograph motion , the 20H. 3 It was a mono-pusher” chronograph, in which all three chronograph features- start, cease, and reset - were managed via the crown. With the 20H, Longines could produce stopwatches suitable for exact timing in skilled events. This was when Longines began constructing its repute in equestrian sports comparable to horse racing and leaping.

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Whenever you select to buy a Swiss watch, you understand you can anticipate a superior design, durability and class. Once you choose to buy a Longines Swiss watch, you may anticipate much more. Longines are one of the vital globally recognised and celebrated Swiss brands, imparting the watch-making trade with its robust devotion to tradition, elegance and efficiency.

Girls are daring and glamorous. They reveal a real pleasure of existence by means of their life-style. Such personalities have to be admired. This is the reason Longines launched La Grande Classique - a marriage between traditional beauty and a modern fantasy. The 30mm broad silver dial is decorated with amazingly crafted black Roman numerals and thin arms. The sample on the dial is creative and adds a visible plea to the watch. With the silver bezel and the chrome steel strap, it lovingly encircles your wrist making your look charming.

The world of superb watches is a benighted place. Brilliantly design-driven and irresistibly classic, Longines watches have lengthy been a symbol of luxury, performance, and prestige. Worn by worldwide explorers and leaders of industry alike, Longines timepieces are as highly regarded in the present day as they were at their inception 185 years ago. Whether you are looking for an enduring statement piece to enhance your individual assortment of fine watches, or the right present for an upcoming big day, we invite you to peruse our entire number of luxury watches to seek out the perfect piece.