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longines evidenza moonphase xl

Stable gold bands are resistant to corrosion, making them exceptionally sturdy. Completely made of gold, the bands are extremely treasured and exquisite. Polyurethane band wristwatches are nice to wear. They characteristic lightweight builds for added consolation and flexibility.

In a hand wound watch, the principle spring is ‘tightened' into a coil by the winding of the crown. Because the spring unwinds it sets all the gears in movement powering the watch mechanism. An Automated watch works the identical method, besides an automatic watch has a pendulum or counterweigh hooked up to the mainspring. Because the wearer's hand strikes the counterweigh, which is off centered, rotates and barely tightens the mainspring. This is what makes the automatic watch ‘computerized'. One does not must wind it daily because it's being wound as you put on it.

Like the unique watches: Our royal brand first copy watches are manufactured impeccably. You could not be able to distinguish between the unique and the first copy duplicate watches. We facilitate distinctive care to duplicate the same design on our first copy watches with few minor adjustments.

Key product lines: Longines has 5 product pillars housing a total of 18 collections: Watchmaking Custom, showcasing the brand's expertise and previous watchmaking designs; Heritage, featuring particular historic fashions which are reinterpreted for contemporary wear; Sport, with sporty designs and options; Equestrian, that includes designs which can be impressed by parts of equestrian sports; and Magnificence, which has a line-up of dressy, traditional timepieces.

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