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how to change date on longines hydroconquest

From the start, Longines positioned a premium on innovation. Watches was once wound by means of a key. Longines invented the now ubiquitous, built-in crown mechanism for winding and setting the time when the company produced its first watch at Les Longines. Mr. Francillon introduced the watch, already bearing the hourglass trademark, at the 1867 Common Exhibition in Paris, where he obtained a bronze medal for the invention.

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A fantastic classic watch is more than just something worn on your wrist to keep the time. In a hand wound watch, the principle spring is ‘tightened' right into a coil by the winding of the crown. Because the spring unwinds it sets all the gears in motion powering the watch mechanism. An Automatic watch works the identical method, besides an automatic watch has a pendulum or counterweigh attached to the mainspring. Because the wearer's hand strikes the counterweigh, which is off centered, rotates and slightly tightens the mainspring. That is what makes the automated watch ‘automated'. One does not should wind it on daily basis as a result of it's being wound as you put on it.

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