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The Le Grande Classique De Longines draws the aesthetic charm of the standard watchmaking of the Longines. The modern and slim look of the design reflects the fine craftsmanship of the model, and these timepieces also bring out the attribute of the original craftsmanship of the model. They are designed to grace the wrists of ladies who respect the classic development of the time.

In a nation famend for precision clocks and Alpine snowboarding, Swiss timekeepers of a World Cup race bought things so flawed that the results of a girls's downhill needed to be altered three days after it was run — with two skiers knocked off the rostrum as a result.

With its outlets in over a hundred and fifty nations and headquarters in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, the company known by its winged hourglass brand has been on the forefront of technical innovation with regards to wristwatches. Longines maintains a meticulous document of each watch's serial quantity that is sold at one in every of their shops since 1867. This helps them to offer one in every of a form customer support that is greatly appreciated among the many admirers of the brand.

Based in 1832, Longines became one of the world's most luxurious and exclusive watch brands. It represents an period of unparalleled success in Swiss watchmaking when the world's most exceptional timepieces came from Switzerland. Auguste Agassiz, who came from a widely known Swiss household, based Longines as a Comptoir, or a man who helped watchmakers promote to their customers. Ultimately, Longines himself became a watch producer.

LONDON (Reuters) - CVC Capital Companions has agreed to take control of Swiss watchmaker Breitling in a deal that sees another iconic Swiss model lose independence. Essentially the most exceptional a part of this watch — aside from its accuracy, after all — is the gear disposition system. In the event you pull the crown out of the watch and look forward to about one minute, the hour, minute, and second hand will snap to 12 'clock. When you push the crown back in, the arms spin round to the exact time it ought to be with no second lost. For example, in the event you pull the crown out and wait till the fingers slide to the 12 'clock marker at, say, 10:10:00; then look forward to 90 seconds and push the crown in, the palms will spin round and mechanically adjust to 10:11:30 in a dizzying display of movement. It is an awesome social gathering trick and I had quite a few of my horologically-inclined buddies in shock once I first confirmed it to them.